Alicja Mann's experience in writing and public relations

Writing Experience

  • Worked with the students of Arizona International College of the University of Arizona as the mentor of book arts.
  • Edited, designed, and published several books by various authors in her independent publishing company - Word Studio.
  • Wrote a weekly Op-Ed Column for the Cape Cod Times
  • Wrote feature stories, profiles and interviews for local and national magazines: Cape Cod Life, The New Leader, In These Times
  • Wrote/co-authored Son of Mashpee, Reflections of Chief Flying Eagle, a Wampanoag by Earl Mills Sr. and Alicja Mann (1996)
  • Wrote and designed numerous technical informational sheets, brochures, booklets for private business and nonprofit organizations
  • Worked as an American correspondent for Radio KOLOR, Warsaw, Poland
  • Conducted writing workshops on Cape Cod
  • Worked as a translator/interpreter for the U.S. Department of Commerce, and as an interpreter for the Federal Immigration Court, Boston, Mass.
  • Taught languages at the Falmouth Community School, Falmouth, Mass.
  • Coordinated an international workshop "An Introduction of KVA Equipment for Cleaning Soils and Groundwater into European Market."
  • Conducted slide presentations and lectures in Falmouth and Mashpee High Schools
  • Organized several multimedia art shows combining poetry, music and visual arts
  • Co-directed Poetry Theater, Falmouth, Mass.
  • Co-founded and directed Artists for Peaceful Coexistence, a nonprofit organization.  &

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