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I am a writer, photographer, designer, and publisher who divides her time between Tucson, Cape Cod and Warsaw.
Born and educated in Poland, I immigrated to this country in the 1970’s. I made my home on Cape Cod, became a mother, and continued my career as a scientist. After becoming more comfortable with my new country and language, I discovered the desire to be a writer and in 1985 left science to pursue that dream.
  The transition from science to art was difficult, but I progressed to be published in regional and national newspapers and magazines, including the Cape Cod Times, The New Leader, In These Times, and Cape Cod Life. My pride was being an Op-Ed columnist of the Cape Cod Times for three years.
  The permanence of the written word in book form, however, led me to focus on book length writing and publishing projects. I established Word Studio, a small, independent publishing company, through which I co-authored and published Son of Mashpee,, a book dedicated to the Wampanoags, their heritage and culture. Word Studio also publishes books by other authors. I consider my publishing work as a form of creative expression and not just a business opportunity.
  Many of my writing and publishing projects involved taking photographs, which is how I also became a photographer. My interest is photographing people, plants, and architecture. I focus on composition, mood, and the story that photographs can tell. For me photography brings some joy and balance to the very demanding and often frustrating art of writing.
  After moving from the Cape to Tucson, I worked for a couple of years with the students of Arizona International College of the University of Arizona (till AIC was closed) as the mentor of book arts.
  Most recently I have been occupied with promoting my newly published book Looking at the World Twice; Essays and Poems on Identity, Belonging and Otherness. The book is the winner of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Book Award in the Short Story Nonfiction Category.
In my spare time I enjoy hiking, dining (not to be confused with eating), and reading poetry.  &

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