About my photography

I was a writer before I became a photographer. The photography sprang from my writing and publishing assignments and it became an integral part of my life — a very joyful one. It brings a good balance to the very demanding, lonely, and often frustrating act of writing. Writing and photography — I love them both, just like two different children.

So far my photography is narrative, rather than experimental. I try to show how I see things around me, what fascinates me, tell a story, or make a comment. My photographs are seldom computer manipulated.

My strongest interests in photography are people, plants, and architecture.

Photographic close-ups of people’s faces are the landscapes of their souls in my opinion, while plants fascinate me with the contrast of their fragility and strength and the enormous determination to survive in such a harsh environment as the desert.

I like photographing architectural structures because they tell us a lot about the place, the time, and the people who created them.

When I moved from Cape Cod to Tucson I fell in love with its architecture. Southwest architecture charms me with the softness of its forms and colors and its particular blend of simplicity and ornamentality.

Recently I developed some interest in so called “industrial photography”. It is the photography of common objects. We pass them every day without paying much attention to them: a drill, a wheelbarrow, a pile of steel pipes, plastic tubes, or nicely coiled electric wires. There is some beauty in them which I am trying to show.

While traveling across this country twice a year (from Tucson to Cape Cod and back) and enjoying being a passenger most of the time rather than a driver, I have a great opportunity of taking my photo observations “on the road.” My hope is to share them later with others in my photo essays — an exciting combination of words and images.

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